Friends of the Danbury Library 

Danbury, Connecticut
  Friends of the Danbury Library

******Next Book Collection Day:  April 11, 2015*****
**************** 9AM to 1PM********************
***********30 Main Street, Danbury***************
The Danbury Friends need your books and DVDs!

Remember, on other days, you can drop off your donations at 30 Main Street (not at the Library) but then you need to lug them yourselves into the building
You can take the donation down to the basement level of the building and leave them under the mailboxes in the labeled space across from the elevator.  On Tuesday mornings, there is often a volunteer there who may be able to help you with multiple boxes - just knock on the Friends door on the lower level if you need assistance. 

You can also help us!  The Friends of the Danbury Library are looking for a new location for our collection, sorting, and storage of donated books.  We need 1250+ square feet of heated/air conditioned space, preferably in/near downtown Danbury, that is either on a ground floor or accessible via an elevator. Please contact us at if you have any ideas.  

*****Annual Meeting****

The next Friends of the Danbury Library 2015 Annual Meeting will be held on Monday June 15th.  Stay tuned for more information about our event and guest speaker.     

Mission Statement

Friends of the Danbury Library is a non-profit volunteer organization working to meet the educational and informational needs of the Danbury area in concert with the Danbury Public Library.

Friends of the Danbury Library membership brochures are available on the Main floor by the Library Technology Center entrance, near the Bank Street entrance, in the FRIENDS "book nook" reading area, and at th
e FRIENDS desk to the left of the circulation desk. 
Click Here for the membership form or go to the Membership page of this website to see how to pay via Paypal.  

Meet others who love books and the library as much as you do; We offer several volunteer opportunities.  Just fill out the contact information below and let us know you want to volunteer.   

Become a Board Member

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Board of Trustees?
Click Here for the candidate information form

Contact us at:

Friends of the Danbury Library
P.O. Box 3913
Danbury, CT 06813-3913

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