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Wonderful Small Collection of 19th Century Children's Chapbooks or Toy Books - $10 to $75.  Also, Vintage Paperbacks (Sci Fi, Paranormal, Mystery, Best Sellers), Antique German & French Books

A Young American; A Year in Spain - 2 Vol.; John Murray, London, 1831, Fine Binding                                                              $75

Acme (Pub): Portrait & Biographical Album of Fond du Lac City, WI; Acme, 1889, Steel Engrav Prominent Citizens       $35

Adams, Richard  Watership Down  Macmillan, ~1972, 1st US BCE?, DJ                                                                              New $25

Aignon, Lucien:  Lucien Aignon  ICP of Photographers, 1979, Signed, Softcover                                                                       $25

Angela, Grace: The Zodiacal Cards & How To Use Them  Angela Grace, 1902, Scarce                                                                         $75

Appleton  Appleton's General Guide to the US & Canada: Part II - West & South, 1885, Railway & City Maps                $125

Auchincloss, Louis; Civil Wars: Three Tales of Old New York; Thornwood Press, 1999, 1st Edition, Slipcase                    $100

Avedon, Richard:  In the American West  Henry Abrams, 1994, 1st Editon, 4th Print, Softcover                                              $75

Baedeker: The Mediterranean Seaports & Sea Routes  Baedeker, 1911, Color Maps                                                                            $65

Bailey, James M. Life in Danbury (CT)  Shepard & Gill, 1873, 1st Edition                                                                                                    $20

Bailey, L.H.: The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture - Six Volumes  Macmillan, 1917, 2nd Edition                                                  $95

Barker, Anthony: Physical Culture Simplified  Anthony Barker, 1902, Scarce                                                                                          $60

Barksdale, Lena: The First Thanksgiving w/ DJ  Alfred A. Knopf, 1942, 1st Ed, Signed Author & Lois Lenski                                   $125

Barry, Tom  Guerilla Days in Ireland  Mercier Press, 1955, DJ                                                                                             New   $45

Beach, S.A.: The Apples of New York - Volume 1 & 2  J.B. Lyon, 1905, 1st Edition?, Rare                                                                        $75

BEAU (Publisher); BEAU, A Man's Magazine Devoted to the Comforts & Luxuries of Living Bound: 5 Issues 1926/27    $20

Benham, William B.; Life of Osborn H. Oldroyd: Founder...of Lincoln Mementos; Private, 1927, 1st Ed, Signed                  $35

Bentley, Rev. W. Holman; Pioneering the Congo - 2 Vol; Fleming H. Revell, 1900                                                                     $50

Bingham, Hiram; Machu Picchu, A Citadel of the Incas; New Haven-Yale/Natl Geographic, 1930, Ex-Lib                       $200

Bruegmann, Rob.; Architects in the City: Holabird & Roche of Chicago 1880-1918; U. of Chi. Press, 1997, 1st Ed, DJ       $25

Bryant, William Cullen; A New Library of Poetry & Song - Vol II; Ford Howard & Holbert, 1880s, Fine Bind, Engravings  $25

Carnegie, Dale: Little Known Facts About Well Known People  Blue Ribbon: 1934, 1st Edition; Signed, no DJ                               $25

Child, Julia  Mastering the Art of French Cooking - 2 Vol/Slipcase  Knopf, 40th Anniversary, 2001                         New  $50 Connelly, Marcus Cook The Wisdom Tooth  Samuel French, 1927, Scarce, Softcover                                                                           $25

Coppee, Henry; Gallery of Famous English & American Poets; JM Stoddart, 1875, ~150 Steel Engravings, Fine Bind     $40

Covino, Frank The Fine Art of Portraiture  Fletcher Art Services, 1st Ed, Signed, DJ                                                       New $45

Christie, Manson & Woods: Catalogue of Important Pictures…Countess of Carnarvon  Christie Manson & Woods, 1925, Rare, $50

Croxall, Samuel: Fables of Aesop and Other - 198 Wood Cut Illustrations  Burnham, 1866, Hard-To-Find                                     $50

Dallaporta, Raphael; Antipersonnel; Editions Xavier Barral Paris, 2010, 1st Edition, Signed                                                     $35

Darwin, Charles; The Effects of Cross & Self Fertilization; 1900                                                                                                   $95

Davis, George B. et al: The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War  Barnes & Noble, 2005, Oversize w/ DJ                                       $30

Deihm, CH; Merchants of Our Second Century; 1889, Steel Engravings of Merchants                                                           $65 

Devlin, William  Danbury's Third Century from Urban Status to Tri-Centennial  WCSU, 2013                                  New   $25

Devlin, William; We Crown Them All, History of Danbury; Windsor Pub, 1984, 1st Edition, Signed, DJ                               $20

Dibdin, Thomas F.  Bibliomania or Book Madness  Chaltor Windus, 1876                                                                                $150

Disney Press: The Art of Pocahontas w/ Slipcase & Animation Cell  Disney Press, 1995, Limited Ed (5000), 4 Signatures          $75

Dwight (Publisher); Dwight's Journal of Music - Issues: 4/1858-2/1859; Dwight, 1858/59, Bound                                     $45

Eaton, D. Hoyle; The White Knight Story; 2003, 2nd Print, Signed, Dust Jacket                                                                        $20

Fouraut, A. & Schoenhof, C. Dictionnaire International   Francais-Anglais, 1888, In French                                                                  $25

Faulkner, John: Dollar Cotton  Bantam Sixty, 1966, HTF, Softcover - 2nd Design                                                                                   $25

Garman, R.H. (Cartoonist): Moving Picture Fair (#5 in Series)  Ideal Book, Builders, 1907, Rare                                                           $50

Gibsonl James E.  Dr. Bodo Otto Medical Background...American Revolution  Charles C. Thomas, 1937, 1st Ed    New  $25

Goldsmith, Oliver; Vicar of Wakefield; Leizig bey Weidmanns, 1776, 1st German Edition                                                     $100 

Griswald, Francis A Sea Island Lady  William Morrow, 1939, 1st Ed, 3rd Print, DJ                                                                                    $25

Hegel, Richard; Ninetheenth-Century Historians of New Haven: 1972; Signed, DJ                                                                  $20

Historical Dept of SD; South Dakota Historical Collections - Vol XV; Historical Dept of SD, 1930                                           $30 

Historical Dept of SD; South Dakota Historical Collections - Vol XVII; Historical Dept of SD, 1930                                          $30

Italy - Immigration Dept: 1923 Italian/US Passport, 1901 Birth Certificate  1901, 1923, In Italian                                                         $45

Johnson, Osa  I Married Adventure  Lippincott, 1940, 1st Edition                                                                                      New   $30

Kaufman, Geo S & Connelly, Marc: To the Ladies (Comedy in Three Acts)  Samuel French, 1923, Rare, Softcover                          $25

Kinight, Eric: Invitation to Life  Greenberg, 1941, 1st Edition, 1st Novel/Mystery, Scarce                                                                        $95

Landor, Walter Savage The Works of Walter Savage Landor - 2 Volumes  Edward Moxon, London, 1846, Signed?                      $35

Langford, Nathanial Pitt; Vigilante Days & Ways, Pioneers of the Rocket - 2 Vol; DD Merrill, 1893, Signed                       $195

Laymon, Richard  A Good, Secret Place  Deadline Press, 1993, 3 Signed, Leather Diary #11/26                                New $350

Le Carre, John  The Spy Who Came in from the Cold  Coward-McCann, 1963, 1st US Ed, 2nd Imp, DJ                    New   $45

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird  Lippincott, ~1961, 1st Ed. 12th Print, DJ                                                                                              $60

Lefebvre, Dom Garspar: 4 Volume Saint Andrew Daily Missal, Pocket Ed w/ Slipcase  RR Donnelley, 1947, 1st Ed, Scarce      $150

Lehrs, Ernst Man or Matter  Harper, 1958, 2nd Ed,, Signed, DJ, Anthroposophy                                                                                      $95

McDonnell, Patrick: The Mutts, Little Big Book  Andrews McMee, 1998, 1st Edition, Signed, DJ                                                       $395

Meynell, Laurence W.; On the Night of the 18th; Harper & Bros.; 1936; 1st Edition, Dust Jacket                                             $40

Mitchell, Margaret: Gone with the Wind w/ Slipcase  Franklin Mint, 1986, Patron's Edition                                                                 $40

Mullane, Mike  Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Astronaut  Easton Press, 2006, Sealed             New  $95

Mundy, Talbot: OM  Hutchinson, London, 1940s, Scarce, Dust Jacket (as is)                                                                                             $20

Mundy, Talbot OM  Hutchinson, London, 1940s, Scarce, No DJ                                                                                                                  $20

Murray, John (Publisher); A Handbook of Rome & Its Environs; John Murray; 1858, No Map                                                  $25

Nelson, S.A. (Editor); ABC of Wall Street; S. A. Nelson, 1900, 1st Edition?                                                                                    $75

Nelson, S.A. (Editor); ABC of Stock Speculation; S. A. Nelson, 1903, 1st Edition?                                                                       $75

O'Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH  Atheneum, 1971, 1st Edition, Dust Jacket                                                           $1200

Packard, Frank L.: Greater Love Hath No Man  George H. Doran, 1913, Scarce,  1st US Edition, Ill  W.L. jacobs,                                $45

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  Arthur A. Levine, 2003, 1st US Edition, DJ, Shrink-wrapped (open)       $20

Rukeyser, Muriel; Willard Gibbs; Doubleday, Doran, 1942, 1st Edition, Signed                                                                           $35

Ruth & Co., J.A. (Publisher); Decorum: A Practical Treatis on Etiquette...Best American Society; 1881                               $35

Sarg, Tony: Tony Sarg's Surprise Book  B.F. Jay, 1941, Rare                                                                                                                         $25

Scott, Sir Walter  Lady of the Lake  Ticknor, 1884, Quarter Leather                                                                                                New   $25

Scoville, Samuel Jr. Boy Scouts in the Wilderness  The Century Co., 1920, 1st Edition, Early Print                                                     $30

Services de Tourisme Michelin: Guide du pneu Michelin  Services de Tourisme Michelin, 1937, In French                                      $45

Services de Tourisme Michelin: Guide du pneu Michelin  Services de Tourisme Michelin, 1938, In French                                      $45

Seuss, Dr.  The Lorax  Random House, <1974, 1st BCE Ed. (32 Titles, Lake Erie,                                                              New   $25

Shakespeare, William: Booklovers Editon - 39 Volumes of Shakespeare's Work  University Society, NY, 1901, Leather Spine   $75

Shulman, Irving: West Side Story; Pocket Books; 1975 22nd Print-March, Softcover                                                                              $12

Silverstein, Shel; The Giving Tree; 1964, 1st Edition?/Early Print, Signed, No Dust Jacket                                                      $195

Solzhenitsyn, Alekandr I. The Gulag Archipelago  Harper & Row/Perennial, 1973/74, 1st Paperback Ediiton                                  $10

State of Pennsylvania Report of the Adjutant General of PA (National Guard)  Harrisburg Pub, .1908,                                             $25

Terhune, Albert Payson: Lad: A Dog  E.P. Dutton, 1919, 1st Ed, 12th Print,  Rare                                                                                         $75

The Billboard (Publisher); Billboard Encyclopedia of Music; The Billboard, 1946, Softcover                                                  $25

Thompson, Ruth Plumly The Giant Horse of OZ  Reilly & Lee, 1928, 1st Ed, 1st Print, 12 Color Plates, As Is                                       $20

U.S. Government Printing Office  A Pronouncing Gazetteer & Geographic Dictionary of the Philippine Islands 1902   $150

Unger, Gladys: Two Girls Wanted  (Comedy in Three Acts)  Samuel French,1926,Scarce, Softcover                                                 $35

Willemse, Cornelius W.; Behind Green Lights; Alfred A. Knopf, 1931, Early Print, Signed                                                         $50

Wright, Mrs. Louise B.: Josie Gray & Other Sketches for Children at Home  H. Hooker, Phila., 1856, Rare, As Is                               $25

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