Due to COVID-19, we are asking our Donors NOT to drop off any Books, etc in our Gray Bin at 15 Main Street until at least the end of May.  Many of our Volunteers are older and we do not want them to risk contracting the virus by venturing out of their homes in order to empty it.  


Please check back on this Website for information as to when we will again be accepting Gray Bin donations.  Information as to whether the Saturday, April 11th Manned Book Drop-Off will be held as scheduled will also be available.


Thank you for your understanding and support.  And stay safe and healthy!

Next Book-Drop?

Unfortunately our Book Drop-Offs are indefinitely cancelled for as long as the Danbury Library remains closed.  Check back here for rescheduling

Thanks to the public for all their wonderful donations and to our hard-working high school & adult volunteers for their help.

During our scheduled drop-offs, Volunteers will be there to help unload you car.


To drop Books off, turn into the one-way entrance to the South Street School and, at the end, turn left into the parking lot.  Straight ahead is the back of our facility.



There is a Gray Bin by the ramp where Books can be left if you are dropping off at a time other than our scheduled Saturdays.  Please do not leave Books in or near the Bin if it is full as they may be damaged by weather.

Important Note:  Please do NOT drop off any Books, etc. to the Danbury Library itself.  Your Donations need to be processed at our 15 Main Street location which means having to enlist Volunteers to specially transport those Donations to 15 Main Street.  Thank You!

This is how the Friends House looks from

the rear, where books are dropped off.


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