You can create a Legacy . . .


Over the years, endowments, memorial gifts, and donations to the FRIENDS of the Danbury Library have enabled the library to develop programs and services it could not have managed to pay for otherwise.

You can create such a legacy. 


How can you create a legacy?  Simply include a bequest to the FRIENDS of the Danbury Library in your will, or ask friends and relatives to give in your memory. 


To acknowledge those who have included the FRIENDS in their planning, we have established a Legacy Society. 

Members' names will be listed in the Bank Street lobby of the library.


To become a member of the Legacy Society, you simply need to let us know about the commitment you have made to the FRIENDS of the DANBURY LIBRARY.


To make a donation in someone's memory, please print out the form below and mail it to us with your donation:







OR use PayPal*:

Gifts to the FRIENDS can be made to honor a loved friend, relative, or someone important to you or your organization.


Do you want to make a congratulatory gift for a special birthday, a retirement, a graduation, or the birth of a child?  The FRIENDS Legacy Society can help you do that.  With your gift of $50 or more, your honoree will receive a commemorative certificate and a library bookplate recognizing his or her special event.


To make a celebratory donation in someone's honor, please print out the form below and mail it to us with your donation:









OR use PayPal*:


Donations in Memory Of 

these Legacy Friends

Support & Sustain

the Danbury Public Library

Margaret Anne Mosley


Vera Sievert


Donald W. Boughton

David Harrison

Anne Olivo


Sara Kruzansky


Selma Brenner

Mae Ryer


Bert MacCarry

Sylvia Saldinger

Katherine Sterling


Edyce Hornig

Robert Mosley

Catherine Pawlinski


Donal Kaderabek

Barbara Stout

Robert Taylor


* If you use PayPal, be sure to write the name and address of the person in whose honor you are donating in the "Add Special Instructions" field.  If making a Celebrate donation, tell us the occasion.