Nelson Merchan, Co-President

Shay Nagarsheth, Co-President

Candy Dayana Dube Murias, Vice President

Virginia Cook, Co-Treasurer

Dawn Reshen Doty, Co-Treasurer

Jill Barletti - Secretary                                              

Stella Eidt, Corresponding Secretary

Mary Cappiello, Book Sale Co-Chair

Karen Chambrovich, Book Sale Co-Chair

Charlotte Nester, Membership Chair

Rosemary Fasano, Past President

Judy Coco, Volunteer Engagement

Anjali Illescas, Events & Fundraising

Candace Fay, Advisory

Katie Pearson, Director, Danbury Library

Katy Chung, Assistant Director, Danbury Library


Board meetings are at 5 PM on the third Monday of each month, except when rescheduled for holidays or school vacations.  By-Laws require that a Board Member be a current member in good standing of the Friends of the Danbury Library. Trustees are expected to be familiar with the FRIENDS By-Laws, Policies, and Guidelines and to behave in accordance with them.  Trustees are expected to work actively on a committee and/or as an officer and to volunteer at the Annual Book Sale and Collection events.


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